• Design, Supply & Install with Training, Maintenance and Support for Two Video Walls Backdrop 12x3 & 5x3 for the new News Studio with news set up.
  • Designed, supplied, installed and maintained:
    • Broadcast facilities including News Studios, Playout Center with Automation, Production Studios, OB vans, Editing Suites, Transmission Sites, Microwave Links, Uplink/Downlink Systems and Satellite Antennas.
    • File Based Broadcast centers for up to 6 channels
    • Integrated News System
    • Video Backdrop Video Wall system 12x3 with Graphics
      Digital transmission systems with MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 compression techniques
    • Productions Studios for up to 12 cameras
    • Reality Productions ie Star Academy and others
    • Designed an HD tapeless TV station including: Digital Archive system, Automated Transmission Control system, Non-Linear Editing system, News and Production studios, Uplink and Downlink facilities, DSNG, Display systems and ENG equipment
    • Recommended and selected components
    • Supervised the installation, the commissioning and the delivery of the technical components
    • Managed and delivered project on time and within budget
    • Designed broadcast facilities including file based broadcast centre, news studio with robotic cameras, production studio, integrated news system, non-linear post-production system, dubbing facility and digital OB Van with 12 cameras
    • Upgraded the broadcast facilities from SD to HD and from tape to a tapeless
    • Revamped the Production and the News studios
    • Led the technical committee that selected components
    • Worked as sub-contractor for Harris Broadcast and Communications
    • Participated in the design and the selection of the components in the different areas of the project: File Based Playout Centre, News Studio, Production Studio, Integrated News System, Radio Station, 7 DSNGs and 2 OB vans
    • Design, Supply, Install and maintain a Video Wall Backdrop 6x3 & News set up
    • Supply & Install of Compression System and Fiber Optics Supplies
    • Supply & Install Studio Equipment
    • Supply & installation of Video Wall Backdrop 5x3
    • Supply & installation of Transmission system & Microwave Links
    • Supply & installation of LED for Variety Shows like Super Star and others
    • Supply & installation of Automation & Studio Equipment.
    • Supply, Install and maintain a Playout center 3 Channels Turn key
    • Supply and install a Compression System MPEG-4.
    • Supply & Install a Turn Key DVB-T System complete with Head-End & Encryptions
    • Supply & Install Microwave Links & UHF transmitters
    • Supply & install Studio Equipment
    • Supply & Install MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 Compression systems.
    • Supply & Install Data Microwave Links 155Mb/s SDH.
    • Turn Key Project for the Naas transmitting station
    • Supply & Install Studio Equipment & Microwave Links
    • Turn key MVDS system with Digital Head-End of 120 Channels & RF System covering 80% of Lebanon
    • Turn key MVDS system with Digital Head-End of 60 Channels & RF System covering Beirut & Neighborhood.
    • Complete turnkey for a News & Playout Set up with Installation, training & Commissioning.
    • Supply & Installation of a Video Wall Backdrop 5x3 for the News Studio
    • Supply of various Compression MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 Equipment .
    • Supply of ARRI Lightings for the Hamra Studio
    • Supply of various Studio Equipment
    • Supply of Mobile Microwave Links
    • Supply of various Studio Equipment
    • Supply & Installation of a Turk Key Playout System
    • Supply & Installation of MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 Compression systems.
    • Supply & Installation of UHF TV Transmitters
    • Supply of various TV Studio and TV Production equipment
    • Turn key Project of a GSM Site
    • Turn key Project of a Video Wall Backdrop for the Alfa Central NOC (Network Operation Center)
    • Turn key Project of Audio – Video System for 13 meeting rooms including Video Projectors, Wireless Microphones System, Sound System & an IP based Video Conferencing set up.
    • Turn Key Project for FM transmitting Stations & Radio Studio
    • Supply & Install Studio Equipment.
    • Supply & Integration of an UpLink Satellite Station, a Video Playout System and Studio Broadcasting Cameras.
    • Supply & Install of Playout Servers System and Studio Equipment
    • Supply & Install of a 7+1 DVB-T2 complete System including Broadcasting Antennas in Kinshasa with coverage of 80% of the territory.
    • Supply & Install Studio & Compression Equipment
    • Playout center Turn Key.
    • Playout center Turn Key.
    • MMDS Pay TV & Wireless Internet Turn Key


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Naher El Mott, Sagesse street,
Jdeideh, Beirut - Lebanon

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